The Fashion Olympics, Starring Lucy Liu

I love the Olympics. I have been counting down the days until 08.08.08, because that, if you already didn’t know, will be the beginning of a summer of athletic greatness. Not only have I been clearing my DVR of Flight of the Concords episodes and movies from TCM to prepare for my non-stop Olympic recording, but I have been scouring the fashion mags for all of their lovely Olympic tributes. These various Olympic inspired spreads have graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, and Teen Vogue, but it is Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Olympics starring Lucy Liu that is truly lovely.

Here are ten pages (behind the cut) of Lucy wearing beautiful frocks, baubles and bags while displaying her athletic ability. I once saw her at M Cafe de Chaya wearing a houndstooth Stella McCartney capelet – I have been a fan ever since.

See ALL photos behind the break


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2 Responses to “The Fashion Olympics, Starring Lucy Liu”

  1. gayskeleton Says:

    I wish they wore couture uniforms!

  2. alanbbc Says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Big ups!

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