Listen Up!

If you are anything like me, you still love many of things you did as a teenager. Sometimes many of those things such as Dr. Martens’ creepers or Screeching Weasel reveal themselves as ridiculous with a little age, but if you are lucky you can still count on some of your former interests to remain in tact.

The Gossip is one of those groups that no matter how huge they become (in the UK, wake up America!), they will always remain awesomely hip. Not simply because they have a fearless and sexy lead singer, but they make fun music. I’ve loved them since I was 18, and years later my adoration has only grown.

I was enthralled to see Beth Ditto in the music issue of NYLON magazine, no less rocking the Christian Louboutin Roditas in yellow. She’s been in Paris Vogue, Vogue, Pop magazine, and it is great that her style is still being recognized, as she is a gem among plastics. I wasn’t a fan of these particular Louboutins, as they looked too similar to something found in a Spearmint Rhino dressing room, but Ditto is making them look hot. For $500 they can be yours too.

Not familiar with the sounds of the GOSSIP?  Listen to our online mixtape, courtesy of muxtape.  More photos after the break

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3 Responses to “Listen Up!”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I love Beth Ditto’s style, but I’m truthfully disturbed by the last image you posted from the NYLON feature. When I got that issue, I wasn’t looking at Beth Ditto, I was looking at the woman of color, who may or may not be a real housekeeper, and the look on her face as she sat for the photograph for which she was clearly meant to be simply the backdrop. I don’t know, it bums me out.

  2. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Dear Mimi,
    I totally agree with you. Not only that, but I despise the photographic trope of using “real people” to make an image seem more edgy. We both know that women of color are not commonplace in NYLON magazine, and that they’ve used this woman as a “prop” is not hip.

  3. Mimi Says:

    Yeah, I totally wrote about this image after writing this comment, and your reply adds another dimension — Ditto is both imagined as a stand-in for “real” women, because she’s not stick-thin like every other model/celebrity in NYLON, and yet not the housekeeper’s type of “real,” which belongs to other people (who are not glamorous, who are not aspirational, etc). So it’s like there are two different kinds of “edgy” at work here, and neither is innocent.

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