Gold Links

We love links on our wrist, and online. Here is what we’re reading today:

  • Free clothes for Trivia? Jezebel promises free H&M duds to their readers. [Jezebel]
  • Did fashionista see our post on the gladiator doppelgänger? We’re guessing, as they rejected our innocent message board comment.  We are flattered. [fashionista]
  • Andre Leon Talley was denied opening up a Macy*s credit card. Credit issues. Macy*s? Say it isn’t so. Favorite line – “Talley’s got some credit issues — just like the average fashionista.” [the cut]
  • Hello Kitty is opening a Sanrio in The Little Tokyo Mall – right down the street from me! Let all downtowners rejoice. [Racked LA]
  • The scariest bag you’ll EVER see. [Chic Report]

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4 Responses to “Gold Links”

  1. gayskeleton Says:

    Oh Those links!

  2. sarah Says:

    i think that LV bag is going to give me nightmares!

  3. stefani Says:

    sarah and i will be sharing that same nightmare. what the hellsies.

  4. diabolina Says:

    congrats on getting ripped off 🙂

    and yayayayya about hello kitty!

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