Fashion Doppelgänger: Nine West vs. Forever 21

We have seen them on Childhood Flames, Fashion Toast, The Sartorialist and they’re even sitting in my closet – the black “heech” gladiators from Nine West. If you haven’t seen them or don’t already own them, I suggest these shoes if you are looking for a gladiator with some height. Even better is that they are on sale ($69.99) on their site.

Or should you opt for their fashion doppelgänger? I was perusing the Forever 21 shoe page, and came across the Blanea Wedge. Tres intéressant, non? At $24.80 and almost an identical, they could be the cure for your gladiator blues. The catch is they only come in brown.

SO, now it is up to you – another in brown, one of each, or none at all because you only think gladiators are a trend. If you ask me, you can never have too many gladiators; I’ve been collecting since 2002.


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7 Responses to “Fashion Doppelgänger: Nine West vs. Forever 21”

  1. Gold Links « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] fashionista see our post on the gladiator doppelgänger? We’re guessing, as they rejected our innocent message board comment. […]

  2. Milly Says:

    i want them…and you’re right they r on sale…but are they comfy?
    if so…im running to get them 🙂

  3. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Dear Milly,

    The Nine West are a pretty comfortable gladiator wedge. If you’ve worn platforms or wedges before, then I’d say they are a good fit. If you haven’t, then they might take a little practice.

    Fashion INTEL

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    They are everywhere. Don’t turn around, they might be right behind…BOO!

    Did I scare you?

  5. diabolina Says:

    you DEFINITELY blogged it better!

  6. netslow Says:

    I really love Nine West Shoes. For me, it’s totally comfort and fit shoes.

  7. adaeze Says:

    i lvoe these shoes, i have them in brown. they are the most comfortable/hottest wedges i have!
    im letting the ones in black go on craigslist OC because i don’t want to be greedy.

    come buy them from me!

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