FASHION Playlist, Courtesy of Fashion INTEL

As teens, music was as important to us as fashion. These days we might not be frequenting The Smell, The Troubador, or El Rey as much as we would like, but we still love listening to past favorites and finding new gems.

With that in mind, we present to you Fashion INTEL’S mixed tape. We’re the kind of music snobs that don’t find “mixed tape” appropriate for labeling CDs or mp3s, but in this case we’ll excuse the muxtape, because we had so much fun making it!

Click the tape and see our fashion playlist for the month of JULY. We’d love to listen to yours, so comment with your playlists please!


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One Response to “FASHION Playlist, Courtesy of Fashion INTEL”

  1. Aja Says:

    Hmmm my playlist:

    1. Bitches of Bitches by LE CORPS MINCE DE FRANÇOISE
    2. Flynn by Ratatat
    3. Stuck on Repeat by Little Boots
    4. Say Goodbye to Love by Kenna
    5. B Boy Baby by Mutya Buena
    6. American Boy by Estelle
    7. Here Comes The Sun by Nina Simone
    8. Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes

    It’s a strange mix, isn’t it?

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