Fashion Doppelgänger: CHLOE & Forever 21

Forever 21 often makes knock offs that warrant a good scoff, but these CHLOE wannabes might be making it into my closet. WHY? The story is as follows.

Each season I make a list of all my fashion favorites, arranging them into categories like “must have or will die”, “wait until its on sale at Net-a-Porter” and “opt for a thrift store.” These CHLOE shoes, as seen above, went straight into my “must have/die” slot the moment I laid eyes on them. I found them on Net-a-Porter and didn’t even care that they weren’t on sale – I had to have them. I showed all my friends, and even my colleagues at work; I just knew these shoes and I would be the perfect match.

Then one day we made a visit to Barneys to chat with Simon Doonan. There they were, my leather shoe boots, calling my name! I grabbed the shoe, and upon doing so, felt what seemed to be material only found at Payless and in bargin bins. Gasp. Before I could reach for my Barneys card, I was halted by heartbreak. My shoe dreams were tossed into the flames of an unforgiving hell. Why would CHLOE do this to me? Needless to say I tossed the shoe back onto its wooden display and walked away with my head hanging low. Ask Stefani, she can attest to the atrocity of the shoe.

For this reason I say bring it on F21. Surely your $27.80 shoe will be worth the price tag attached. I will have one of each, merci beaucoup.

Left/CHLOE/Leather Shoe Boot $645 now $387 BLACK & WHITE/Pink

Right/FOREVER 21/Patent Peeptoe $27.80 Black & WHITE/Pink


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13 Responses to “Fashion Doppelgänger: CHLOE & Forever 21”

  1. Emmaline Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I actually like the cut of the F21 shoes much more so than the Chloës .. they’re soo def not worth $328, or whatever.

  2. Diabolina Says:

    i almost bought these yesterday. alas they did not have my size. thanks for validating – gonna get them online 😉

  3. Austere Says:

    I actually love the f21 knock offs more than the chloe ones.

  4. Aja Says:

    I both love and hate when that happens. Hate the disappointment, love the fact that my money’s staying in my pocket where it belongs. It’s almost a sigh of relief when what I want isn’t nearly as cool as I anticipated.

  5. johanna Says:

    I’ve been rocking the black Chloes (in the criss-cross style with the pink/purple heel, not the bootie style) since April, and I have to say, they are the most comfortable, compliment-getting shoe in my closet right now. Granted, the low heel height is what makes them easy to walk in, but what they lack in height they totally make up for in wow appeal. I honestly can’t go more than a block without someone stopping me and asking where I got them — and that’s saying something considering I live in style challenged Washington, DC!

  6. dara the dandy Says:

    Those are the best damn knockoffs i’ve seen.

  7. closetcupcake Says:

    Has anybody tried seen them in person? I wonder how they fit and if they look as good in person.

  8. fashion chalet Says:

    thank you for your great comment!! =)

  9. gayskeleton Says:

    Mockery is akin to flattery in so many ways.

  10. milly75 Says:

    I totally agree…..they are certain things i dont mind splurging on like when i bought my LV bag….its worth every penny and i know it will be around forever….but to pay all that money for these shoes and they arent comfortable and may not be in next season…its crazy atleast for me….like you i would get them at F21……i love shopping but not into misspending it either……thanks for your story!

  11. Qin Says:

    I am a student & even though the Chloe ones might be on sale. I still cannot afford it! Those shoes are like 3 months of my allowance. I know it is bad for the designers, but seriously, why so expensive? Is the forever21 ones comfrotable? Cause I have been looking at it for weeks & realyl want them!

  12. Fashion Doppelgänger: CHLOE & TOPSHOP « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] Doppelgänger: CHLOE & TOPSHOP In June we were the first to bring you the Fashion Doppelgänger of Chloe, in the form of Forever 21.  Now there is a TOPSHOP version known as the Penelope Premium […]

  13. SoamyImminy Says:


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