Fashion Forecast: Get Smart

We’ve had a lot of inquires about the clothes seen in the upcoming Get Smart, starring Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell. Needless to say we are huge Hathaway fans (-Havoc) and we cannot wait to see what she’ll be wearing in the role of AGENT 99. From what we have heard, there is going to be lots of CHANEL and mod looks inspired by the original series.  Costumer designer Deborah Scott says Agent 99 needed to be dressed in “serious and strong lines” so that her strength exuded from her clothes as well .  Looking good appears to be as crucial as saving the world in this film.

If you want to emulate this dangerously chic look, all you need is a leather jacket, white trench, and Chanel bag – gun optional.

Our picks: Tory Burch/Lynn Leather Jacket, Chanel/Umbrella, Purse, Pins, Gloves, and Heels, White Milly Trench


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4 Responses to “Fashion Forecast: Get Smart”

  1. gayskeleton Says:

    I REALLY like this post. Really.I do.

  2. Get Smart movie - Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe… « Embracing Me Says:

    […] from Fashion Forecast. Go watch the movie if you haven’t already! More my style then Sex in the City. Though I […]

  3. Herman Tho Says:

    I watch the movie in cinema hihi so funny.
    One word to describe her.

  4. shoelace19 Says:

    So were do we get the dress she wore? Any replicas out there?

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