Couture Moment: Sasha Grey


The world of fashion cannot be conceptualized into one sphere, nor can it abide by one truism. The manifestation of art through clothing should not be dictated by a hegemonic system, but rather exist as it alone.

A realization as such is crucial in understanding the style of Sasha Grey. I had the privilege of meeting this esoteric girl at Erotica L.A. (photos from our encounter), and as I anticipated she was undoubtedly the avant-garde of the industry. What other adult film actress would you see donning a hot pink scarf on their head as an accoutrement to a Robert Palmer-esque ensemble? What caught me the most was her au courant shoes in the vein of Carine Roitfeld.

The fashion intelligentsia aims to present a discourse on fashion; we judge on what you’re wearing not what you’re doing. Besides, with my current studies at U.C.L.A and love for fashion, how could I pass up the chance to speak with an existentialist gamine. (calling Simon Doonan!)

Here are some shoes Sasha could add to her collection/ Chloe Black Patent Motorcycle Heels (SALE – $420), Barbara Bui Braided Pump ($1,690), Givenchy Gladiator Bootie ($995)

The full NSFW photos under the cut. These two are my favorite, as they could appear to be pulled from the pages of Paris Vogue. Photographed by Richard Kern (top)

Sasha by Richard Kern

Sasha on myspace


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7 Responses to “Couture Moment: Sasha Grey”

  1. sg Says:

    hello photographer!

  2. gayskeleton Says:

    Only if there were more Adult film stars who dressed more refined. Now that’s sexy!

  3. Erma Says:

    Okey she is maybe pretty, but who likes a girl who does all these things for everyone to look at:

    -Licking up urine from a dirty floor and swallows it
    -Swallowing an enema out of the anus of another woman
    -Swallowing the sperm of 15 men at the same time
    -Letting herself be gagged by enourmous penises
    -Letting herself be spit at, slapped and humiliated (telling the world it´s okey to humilite women)
    -Getting a big hook shoved up her anus and then be hanged up in that hook.

    Really disgusting and sick things.

    Read more on my blog about Sasha Grey and about porn.

    Just click on my name for the link

  4. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Hello Erma!
    Thanks for reading my blog, and I will definitely check yours out as it seems fascinating.

    To answer your question about “who likes a girl who does all these things?” I do. And why are you assuming that I don’t do them as well?

    My feminist sexual politics allow me to have a discourse on Sasha Grey rather that immediately casting her aside as a “prostitute” [to whom I also have no qualms with], which you have labeled her. Instead of judging her, I have attempted to investigate her philosophies. When I met her we had a great conversation and she is a lovely young woman. I am not under the assumption and never will be that porn stars do not possess intellect – do to so would be sexist.

    I welcome you as a reader on this blog as all pov are warranted. Thanks again for reading!

    xoxo Fashion Intel

  5. Darkstar Says:

    Sadly “Erma” (who goes by about 500 different pseudonyms and is NOT a 24 year old female from California) has been running a sick hate campaign against Sasha Grey for some time now.
    This has even included him posting her alleged personal details and phone numbers on Youtube (who has thankfully now banned him) encouraging men to “visit her and give her some sperm”
    For this reason I would discourage readers to this blog from encouraging or supporting this disturbed individual who is the scariest type of stalker.

  6. Buona fortuna! « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] I’ve received lots of visitors for her Richard Kern photos [warning: NWS], I thought I would share this gem as […]

  7. daniel Says:

    mi te amo sos hermosa estoy re enamorado de vos princesa

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