Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux


You know it is almost summer when your favorite shows say goodbye, but usually they go out with a bang. Last night’s Gossip Girl was a little underwhelming and I was disappointed that there were no murders, pregnancies, near deaths, or huge secrets revealed (last weeks mild one doesn’t count!). Isn’t that usually what we get before a show goes into summer hibernation? What mystery am I to live for these next few months?

Thankfully we had some GG fashion to get us through it. BUT I’d like to point out that I don’t really think Blair would wear that blue vintage-esque sailor dress. I simply don’t!

I invite you to read my top 10 fashion moments from last night:

  1. Chuck’s bed head & rumpled shirt – I didn’t want to hurt my back!
  2. Georgina, full makeup & perfect hair after spending the night in Brooklyn? C’mon!
  3. I cannot believe that little J would make a dress so hideous as that orange one.
  4. Speaking of hideous, why do they always dress Vanessa so poorly? She’s cute, get the clothes to match.
  5. Chuck in a bow tie = my dream come true
  6. Leather black gloves to a wedding Serena? ok.
  7. Chuck, you always look like a handsome young golfer. DON’T EVER STOP
  8. Blair in a Betty Page dress, hard for me to believe, but she looked great. Nice YSL’s.
  9. Lydia Hearst in a forgettable number – she’s only a model through nepotism. Just look at her!
  10. An episode without little Jenny Humphrey moments makes Fashion Intelligentsia sad.

From L to R: Bettie Page Captain Dress $124.99, Phillip Lim Silk Pleated Grecian Dress $795, Malababa Studded Clutch $265.00, Hanni Y Drop Waist Dress $245, Nine West Heech Gladiator Platform $89.00, Jennifer Ouellette Ribbon Flower Headband (at Barneys New York*) $75.00, Steve Madden Blossom Sandal $79.95, Thread Social Tiered Halter Dress $1,070

*P.S. We’ve had so many hits on the Ribbon Flower headband, it seems to have disappeared off the Barneys site!


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7 Responses to “Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux”

  1. Chloe Arden Says:

    You have the best Gossip Girl fashion page! I love yr blog.

  2. FashionIntelligentsia Says:

    Merci Beacoup!

  3. martine Says:

    Yeah, last night was totally bogus. Serena was annoying me the whole time! Till fall…

  4. gayskeleton Says:

    O.K. O.M.G & B.T.W.
    A Few Things- 1) Jenny Humphrey’s Designed Dress at the end, look familiar??? 2)Why did Chuck stand up Blair? 3)Why did they fall in Love so quickly?4)Why did they fall out of love so quickly?5)Chuck just in a bow tie now we are talking.6)Speaking of Gay. Nate was a little more gay than usual this time around.7)Oh never mind I’m over 30.

    XXX-XO Gossip Gayskeleton.

  5. Belle Says:

    I love gossip girl fashion!
    I want to steal all of thier closets!
    Great blog.

  6. Gossip Girl has a Blackout « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] about the episode “Dark Knight”.  You might remember my GG season finale entry [see here] in which I recommended a yellow Grecian 3.1 Phillip Lim dress for Blair.  Oh yes, she wore that […]

  7. mary Says:

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