Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux

Fashion Intelligentsia here,

I cannot believe that there is only one more week until Gossip Girl is gone for the summer. Tres mal! What will I live for once headbands are revoked and replaced by a dark TV screen. Big Love, I’m calling you! As you know, GG is one of the most stimulating shows as far as fashion goes, but tonight’s episode was so devastating that there were fewer wardrobe changes. Did we shed a tear? Maybe. See you next week Lydia Hearst!

I invite you to read our top 10 fashion moments from last night:

  1. Vanessa is still rocking her ghetto fabulous Alexis Bittar earrings.
  2. Chuck’s sweater + plaid pants = I am in love!
  3. Does Georgina own any other jeans other than those gray Cheap Mondays?
  4. Blair & her bow tie dresses never disappoint. Some of the only color in this episode.
  5. Spotted: Bluefly shopper in Blair’s room. Like she’d ever shop there! She’s not into discounts.
  6. Blair’s jeweled headband
  7. Lisa Loeb never looked so good – I’ve seen that dress before
  8. Georgina, is your jewelry of choice Alexis Bittar? TOTAL COUNT: 3 + Vanessa 1
  9. Where’s JENNY Humphrey? At her moms? We live for Jenny’s color blocks. Missing her.
  10. Headband count: 3 – please do not deprive us of the other girls, our count was so low.

From L to R: Marc by Marc Jacobs Clover jacquard dress ($698), Delias Pearl Chain Pack ($14.50), D&G Sequin Shift Dress ($1,145), Mulberry Silk Striped Ribbon Dress ($1,795), Forever 21 Round Sunglasses ($5.80), 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Organza Headband ($135), Alexis Bittar 5th Avenue Bracelet ($275.00) & Starlet Studded Bracelet ($165)


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One Response to “Gossip Girl, Fashion Redux”

  1. sarah Says:

    i am in LOVE with Blair’s yellow dress with the mini bow– the one she’s wearing while taking care of drunkie S.. any idea where i can find it? i just checked that sad excuse cwtv.com, they haven’t updated the “Gossip Girl style” section since episode 7! how pathetic!

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