Le Fleur Jardin


This week I managed to visit the lovely Descanso Gardens. The smell of the landscape inspired me to live in a rose bush and dress up in petal dresses. Maybe one day you’ll find me living in flower utopia, but until then you will see me wearing florals of all sorts this season.

Each Spring/Summer we can depend on designers saying “florals are in”, but why do we give in year after year? I suspect the answer is that florals are enchanting, to say the least. I much rather choose this look over the ubiquitous safari garb. Blase. Look to nature for inspiration, as you will find the flowers, bees, and grass lead quite the dramatic life.

  1. Vera Wang Lavender, Floral Shift Dress ($480)
  2. Forever 21, Floral Chiffon Skirt ($19.80)
  3. Subversive for Target, Bee Lucite Cuff ($14.99)
  4. Milly, Floral Shift Dress ($216 on Sale) As seen on BLAIR WALDORF
  5. Xhilaration, Floral Ballet Flats ($14.99)
  6. Delias, Fabric Beads ($12.50)
  7. Delias, Floral Cinched Bandeau One-Piece ($33.50)

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