Fashion Forecast: Savage Grace

To most fashionistas, May 30th marks only one thing – the movie premier of Sex and the City. I am excited as the rest of you to see what Pat Field has conjured up for those lovely ladies, but I am equally excited to see how strong the fashion in Savage Grace will be. Watching the trailer puts my suspicions of fashion brilliance to rest because costume designer Gabriela Salaverri has chosen to dress Julianne Moore in some remarkable pieces. Emilio Pucci? Yes, please. Bakelite jewelry? Check!

Julianne Moore is not to be missed as Barbara Baekeland. While we can enjoy Carrie and the ladies of SATC, we can also indulge in a bit of reality watching the life of a fabulously accessorized jet setter become manically depressed. That is a film definitely for the fashion intelligentsia.


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One Response to “Fashion Forecast: Savage Grace”

  1. yeti9000 Says:

    Wow…I had not heard anything about this movie, but I loves me some serious Julianne Moore so I watched the trailer on the IMDB and, man alive, it looks f-ing awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

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