Couture Moment

Liz Lemon\'s Couture Moment

It took us some time to give 30 Rock a chance, but then it moved up in our Netflix queue and we had no choice but to plunge into this Tina Fey brilliance. Last Thursday we nestled up to the flat screen and Liz Lemon brought the laughs harder than ever, while looking fabulous in a red Zac Posen dress. The next day the same dress was seen on Cameron Diaz (after the break) at the red carpet premiere of What Happens in Vegas. Our vote goes to Liz for numerous reasons – you cannot deny her genius.

See Cameron v. Liz Lemon after the break


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6 Responses to “Couture Moment”

  1. fashionistadanie Says:

    It’s WAY better on Tina Fey.

  2. yeti9000 Says:

    I agree…Liz looks way hotter in that dress!!

  3. Oriental Area Rugs Says:

    Oriental Area Rugs…

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  4. Grace Says:

    Tina wins… hands down! Totally made me want to play for the other team.

  5. chocolat Says:

    wheres audrey kitching?

  6. chocolat Says:

    I want to see more audrey kitching and scene girl fashion!:D

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