The Politics of Dressing

Go Hill!

Does is truly matter if Senator Hillary Clinton is fashionable? If you are a writer at Fashion Intelligentsia you might say that it never hurts to have a strong look. Of course, with any politician, one’s support should most importantly be based on merits over looks, but this is the first time a woman has ever come close to reigning in the White House (women have run for president before) and she might as well do it in style.

Hillary or Hill, as I like to call her, took Pennsylvania two days ago much to my surprise. Today I received my new Harper’s Bazaar and couldn’t be more excited on their feature entitled Dressing the President. Before you start claiming that critics wouldn’t dare say this about a male candidate (which I can agree with) I’d like to say that I would easily point out a man’s fashion flaws, because I am an equal opportunist when it comes to fashion critique. I will be first on line to support Tom Ford’s comments that Obama is “… a great-looking guy but I think his suits don’t fit him very well.” But this post isn’t about him, it is about my girl Hil and the looks from Zac Posen, Rodarte, Ralph Lauren and many more that could easily replace those pant suits. Lastly, I would like to address that I can understand the pant suits – it is probably one of the fashion devices that Hil thinks will translate into “serious candidate.”

If only this were France and we had a socialist/feminist fashionista almost winning the presidency. Thank you Marie-Ségolène Royal.

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4 Responses to “The Politics of Dressing”

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  3. Says:

    French media focused too much on Segolene’s look during the campaign.
    It’s better to focus on what Hillary has to say…however, I gotta say that i have never really paid attention to her fashionistas’ side. She looks good!

  4. juliAM Says:

    i guess i just had an issue with the article b/c they spoke as if hillary (who is not my chosen delegate, go obama!) has already one the democratic candidacy. the fashion retrospective was pretty entertaining though.

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