M Spotted in Teen Vogue

Dark Fair

There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing friends who are incredibly talented make their way onto wonderful places such as the Teen Vogue Blog.  Spotted on the right with the lovely smile is Martine Syms.  She and I have been friends since the great days of screen printing for eight hours.  We instantly bonded with our outbursts of misanthropy and desire for luxury goods, but most of all because we are cut from the same cloth!  If there ever was a girl on the move, M.S. would be her and she becomes more and more fabulous each year.  Upon her completion at a prestigious art school, she and Marco (her boyfriend) opened up one of the most talked about art boutiques in Chicago named GOLDEN AGE.  Pictured is their venture to The Armory Show where they contributed to the jam packed week of art made by living artists.  Want cool art & fashion, visit this store.


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2 Responses to “M Spotted in Teen Vogue”

  1. Andrew Snaza Says:

    its a great day when an artist makes a great name for themselves http://snazyink.com/gallery

  2. Kitchengodess Says:

    That’s my girl!

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