Model Behavior: Karlie Kloss

Death Stare

What were you doing in 1992? If your name is Karlie Kloss, you would quip, “I was being born!”

K.Kloss has endured countless anorexia rumors and has been mocked by Tyra Banks while on the catwalk. I can already hear you saying – every model is accused of anorexia and who cares about Tyra Banks! I couldn’t agree more. But when I came across this recent article about K. Kloss‘ signature walk, I had to further investigate. Being on the rise in the modeling world can be a tumultuous journey, with the constant carousel of lovely girls waiting to take your spot. Fortunately, K.Kloss has youth on her side, and a signature walk that cannot be matched. Her body has been described as walking in slow motion. Her head bobs from side to side, while her eyes remain focused straight ahead, almost as if she was Carrie at the senior prom. Luckily no one dies at the end of the night.

During Jill Stuart Fall 2008, a burnt out former model cum talk show host mocked K.Kloss while she came down the runway. Not once, not twice, but three times. Since the models of ANTM (insert sarcasm here) have been soooooo successful, I assume it is only appropriate for Tyra to be critical of others on the runway. As for the Fashion Intelligentsia, we say burn a whole through the runway Karlie Kloss! You are a facial force to be reckoned with.


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