Gossip Girl Redux

Fashion Intelligentsia here,

We are happy to announce our new weekly – Gossip Girl Redux: Fashion. Here we will tell you our favorite fashion moments from the show and we want to hear yours too. We’ve waited this long to catch up with Blair & Serena, so you can make sure we’ll be bringing you the best of Gossip Girl fashion. Gear up your headbands and follow us.

  1. Blair as Audrey, again. Love it. Want to look refined & mysterious, simply buy a trench!
  2. Remember Fruit Stripe gum? That was the inspiration for Blair’s former clique in the opening scene.
  3. Jenny, my you’ve grown! Where did you get all that black-as-coal eyeliner?
  4. HEAD BAND GALORE (see video)
  5. “..plaid skirt and a metrocard!” – Jenny, your dad won’t understand your fashion woes, or mine

Want to dress like Blair & Serena, check out Lorick here


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2 Responses to “Gossip Girl Redux”

  1. The Girl Says:

    Great show! Can’t wait for the next episode! 🙂

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