Seeing Pink (matte)


If you are anything like me, you find lipstick either intimidating or gross. Your mind races, constantly thinking you will look like a clown or a prostitute if you dare put color on your lips. It doesn’t help when the girls at the makeup counter confirm this appearance either, does it? Don’t even get me started on those MAC girls!

When images of Spring 08 makeup hit the glossies I couldn’t help admire the soft style of pink and matte lips. For the first time I was lipstick inspired, but figuring out how to trash my fear was difficult. Not only did I want my makeup to be en vogue, but I wanted a color I could always count on. However was I going to get past this mauqillage disastre? In comes product extraordinaire Stefani Greenwood. She gave me a brief consulting, genuinely listening to my cries and within days delivered information that would end up being life changing.

There we were, Barneys New York, and it is the moment of lipstick truth. Stefani and I walk over to the Lipstick Queen counter and are greeted by a sweet, but poorly dressed girl wearing pumpkin read lipstick. Hideux! We try to ignore these off puts and peer onto the lovely displays of color. The countress senses my hesitation but leaps at a suggestion anyway, one that Stefani agrees on. Before you know it, countress is leaning towards my mouth with a brush and voila! To comfort me she says it is more like a gloss than lipstick, but because it is matte it maintains the same effect. I wipe the sweat off my brow and skip away to decide if this is the right choice for me. After looking around and not finding any Phillip Lim to my liking, I catch myself in the mirror and approve of what I see. We shuffle downstairs where I make my first ever lipstick purchase. Don’t worry, I will still keep my Kiehl’s French Rose Gloss in reaching distance.

Here are some tips that I would like to share for lipstick wearers out there, for you are the reason girls like me are frightened:
1. Never have lipstick on your teeth. Simply take a look in the mirror or use that finger in mouth trick!
2. If you are pale, and your name is not Dita Von Teese, please lay off the red!
3. Purple? Enough said. Dump it.
4. Don’t have a lip? Calling Gwen Stefani – work with it, don’t create a new one.
5. Consult magazines, fashion sites like mine, or an attractive girl at a counter for lipstick advise


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One Response to “Seeing Pink (matte)”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I can’t wait to see what you ended up with… maybe I’ll become a lipstick convert too. (anything with Beardsley art works for me!)

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