Give me all your MONEY…

Ghost World

The New York Times is proclaiming a cartoon zeitgeist in fashion.  You can spot these images everywhere from Coco Rocha in Vogue (in our mailbox today) to everything created by Luella Bartley for Spring.  If we had to pick a comic book character to model ourselves after, we’d politely say no to Wonder Woman, scoff at Super Girl, and wait for our chance to become the ultimate in cool, Enid.

As someone who watched Ghost World every day (seriously) while living in a small room in New York, I can tell you that Enid rocks sweet 90’s riot grrrl style like no other.  I’d much rather return to the days of Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, than be modeling my clothes after Ashley Simpson.  Luella Bartley obviously felt the same way, and for that reason we thank her.  Interested in where she got some of her ideas, click here.


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3 Responses to “Give me all your MONEY…”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    I’m horrified to say that the new Nylon (with Blake Lively on the cover) has a page dedicated to imitating Ghost World’s style where, firstly, they call her EDITH instead of ENID (seriously, what is WRONG with them!?), and second of all, the items they showcased (with the exception of that gold bat skirt and an APC sailor top) were pretty barf-worthy..
    Anyway, since I’m done ranting I also thought I’d mention how much I LOVE that Luella t-shirt.

  2. Fashion Hijack « Fashion Intelligentsia’s Weblog Says:

    […] loves Luella for spring, check out Fashion Toast’s take, WWWD’s or our’s from last week.  Regardless, know the character before you try to mimic […]

  3. threadtrend Says:

    UM, YEAH! when is Riot Grrrl coming back for goodness sake????

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