Chanel’s Sunrise

We’ve had BLACK SATIN. We’ve had BLUE SATIN. Can you say Barneys’ waiting list? But now L.A. has its very own Chanel Sunrise. This May, L.A. can look forward to another CHANEL boutique gracing its lovely streets and even better are the four capsule collection nail polishes designed specifically for us LAists. (I know Angeleno is correct, but I like the prior better).

Chanel’s new global makeup director Peter Philips has graced us with these limited pop art pieces in correspondence with the grand opening and we already have our eye on L.A. Sunrise. Also featured are L.A. Sunset, Melrose, and Rodeo Drive. What, no downtown? Ok, I guess we haven’t made it that far.

Priced at $25 each, any Chanel enthusiast can have this luxury. For you that can’t make it to the store’s opening in May, you can enjoy these polishes online at starting in June. These paints will help you forget what awful humidity/heat your are facing in NYC, Florida, or Chicago this summer, and whisk you away to fabulous Los Angeles.


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One Response to “Chanel’s Sunrise”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I look forward to daydreams of rainbow-colored nails till May!!! How fantastic!

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