Oh my, Marc!

Cathy Horyn of The New York Times recently wrote an article on the irreverent Marc Jacobs ads shot by Juergen Teller. She posited that Marc, above all in his ads, creates a hip world that everyone wants to join, and I would not disagree. This article has been collecting discussions online and the ladies over at Jezebel are asking their readers if Marc’s newish Posh ads are objectifying to women or simply cheeky?

I will be the first in line to open up a feminist discourse, but never once did Posh in a bag raise a red flag. Rather, I thought Marc/Juergen Teller’s ads brought Posh back to planet earth. What she would call, taking the piss out. Many of the comments regarding this ad suggest that over-criticism of the aforementioned appears to lack a sense of humor. Saying that women take things to seriously is a trope that is often used to undermine them, but in the case of Marc Jacobs, I will contest never have I found him to objectify women.

Though I have felt on the outs with Marc lately, after the whole copied scarf brouhaha- I cannot ignore how him and I were once inseparable. Truly. Search my closet and you will see. I have always seen him as an ally to women, not only offering larger sizes than most designers but also using unconventional models.

Try arguing with this collection of some of my favorite Marc ads from over the years. Tell me that Marc is doing girls a disfavor after looking at M.I.A., Gerren Taylor, Yoko, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Feinstein, Kim Gordon & Family, Winona Ryder, and Charlotte Rampling. Oh, and don’t forget the t-shirt he made for my girl Hillary Clinton.

That is what they have attempted to do with Ms. Beckham, whose participation forces a different question than the banality of “Is she beautiful?

To see vintage ads, click read rest


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