Blue Friday


A few days ago, I saw two electric blue eyelids and had to know what kind of makeup this fashionista was wearing. Luckily, I work with this girl and she was not shy to tell me her secret and allow me to share it with you. Forget all of DIOR’s blue hues this spring and head over to your local art store for some watercolors!

Alyssa (eye model) has been a fashion student for a couple of years now, but has been a fashion innovator her entire life (22 years). She was asked to get a Royal Langnickel watercolor set for a design class but failed to use it that quarter – certainly she wasn’t going to let all these tubes go to waste! Not usually dawning makeup, it was great to see what she could do with a little paint. Shock your friends, and go blue. Here are her tips.

  1. Buy Royal Langnickel Cirulean Blue
  2. Squeeze paint onto artist palette
  3. Add to eye/paint brush (use the thinnest brush you can find)
  4. Line eye
  5. Wash out brush really well – will stick if you don’t

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One Response to “Blue Friday”

  1. Sue de Nimes Says:

    Looks fabulous, but it can’t be too healthy. Definitely doesn’t seem appropriate for someone with sensitive skin, either.

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