Simon Says

Simon Says

If you love fashion, books about fashion, or stores like Barneys, which has the best fashion, then you probably adore Simon Doonan. I first fell in love with Simon and his fabulousness when I received an uncorrected proof of Wacky Chicks. He had another book before that called Confessions of a Window Dresser but I hadn’t known that at the time. W.C. was one of the most fun and inspiring books I had ever read; I am happy to say it catapulted many things for me. I have been waiting for something to remotely touch W.C’s glory and I think I might have found that in Eccentric Glamour. How do I know this? Because I read in excerpt in this months’ Elle, and it was nothing short of fabulous.

If you want a tiny taste of what the book is like, I will post the article and then you too can have a rattle trying to identify if you are a gypsy. existentialist (me), or socialite.

Meet SIMON at Barneys!

04.12.08 – New York
04.16.08 – San Francisco
04.17.08 – Los Angeles – See you there!
04.23.08 – Boston
04.26.08 – Chicago

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6 Responses to “Simon Says”

  1. sg Says:

    i pre-ordered mine (signed) cause i won’t be able to go to the signing. he is soooo sweet in person, i met him once and took pictures with him. i can’t wait!!!

  2. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Aw, I wish you could go! What a field-trip that would be. I remember the last time you went to his signing. In fact, when I was a teen you were the only one who knew everything about anything and I remember you loved Simon. We’ll, you have both been window dressers. I got that proof in 03 from that placed we worked together. Amber said “I think you’d like this book, based on the title.”

  3. sg Says:

    fucking amber.

  4. Says:

    We ll take a look at it! Thanks!

  5. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    I hope you go!

  6. martine Says:

    my high school painting teacher let me borrow confessions of a window dresser! i loved it and noonan from then on. totally going to to see him! btw, i watched gossip girl. i am hooked.

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