Fashion Forecast

Bride Wars

Thank you Anne Hathaway for choosing what appears to be another fashionably styled film. First you gave us The Devil Wears Prada – not as good as the book, but I loved it nonetheless – and now you will be showcasing your beauty in Get Smart and Bride Wars (pictured). With all this fashion candy I can forget that you ever made Havoc, and realize you as the lovely fashionista that you are.

I can’t forget to mention Kate Hudson, because even though she stars in some of the worst romantic comedies I have ever seen, I cannot deny how undoubtedly hip she is. Her mother is Goldie Hawn, and she is the only woman who dresses like a true bohemian everywhere she goes. Her style never feels forced.

I cannot wait to see this film come into fruition as I forecast this will be a fashion favorite. If you couldn’t tell by the title of the film, the movie will be about wedding madness. IMDB is describing it as “two best friends who become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day.” These two are a perfect match as best friends, and it will hard to wait until 2009 to see their equally rivaling clothes.

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