Are you a Fafinette?


Parlez-Vous Français? Tres bien. Fafi has been one of my favorite artists/fashionistas since the days of being called a teenager. Back in the nineties when my friends thought Korn was cool (gross!) I was practicing my French anticipating the moment when Fafi and I would meet. That moment almost came in 2002 – lets not get into it- but 2004 proved to be my fabulous year with Fafi. Of course we became instant friends and painted each others nails, oh, that never happened but she was sweet.

Some time has passed, and apparently the whole world has fallen in love with her when I wasn’t paying attention. Aside from her designs for MAC cosmetics, recent news can delight fans because she has teamed up with CHARLOTTE RONSON for a capsule collection of handbags for Spring/Summer 08. You can purchase them from a Japanese site (of course!) Hopefully they’ll make their way to the states soon but I wouldn’t hold my breathe. If I had a penny for every Milk Fed, Elyse Sewell, or X-Girl item I had to smuggle from my secret Japanese stores, I would be filthy rich. Oh, and don’t get me started with Fafi’s new stationery collection with Colette.


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