The Givenchy Code


Dear Whitney,

I will gladly take your “job” at Teen Vogue because we both know that I deserve it more than you. Lisa Love would enjoy me much more because never have I been accused of being “dead behind the eyes.” At least I can pronounce Givenchy correctly. I would like to assist you with your fashion vocabulary since we wouldn’t want you to suffer any more embarassment similar to your fumble on tonight’s premiere of The Hills. Repeat after me, JEE-VON-SHEE. Understood? It is called phonetics, oh nevermind. Still not sure, listen here.

In countless glossies and blogs people proclaimed Whitney was the fashionista, the intelligentsia – I never fell for that. Maybe if only compared to Lauren. On a side note, I once saw Whitney at the Beverly Hills Whole Foods and she was dressed like a sea hag. The fact is neither Whitney nor Lauren have any hint what is going on in fashion. I am not the only one who knows this, check out what the readers of Who What Wear Daily had to say about L.C. when they featured her as a guest editor.

Whitney’s valley girl mishap reminded me of my favorite top model moments. Watch these “models” pronounce some of our favorite designers names. They couldn’t even say magenta! Au revoir….

Watch Whitney & Lauren here

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5 Responses to “The Givenchy Code”

  1. erika Says:

    You have a great blog, here! And I really liked this article. Remember what Whitney wore to her Teen Vogue interview inwardly shudders…

    Anyhow, keep up the amazing work. I have linked you to my list of favorites on my Blog! ♥ hope this is OK? (=

  2. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Bonjour Erika!
    If I can remember correctly, Whitney looked like a clown/milk maid at her Teen Vogue interview. I am so much more of an Emily fan (remember her?) – she knew how ridiculous those girls were. ( – Here’s a link to the interview.

    Merci beaucoup for the kind words & thanks for linking me. I look foward to reading Fashion Chalet.

  3. sg Says:

    we live in a bizarre world. i can’t wait to come back from my travels and catch up with your blog. i will think of you often!

  4. stephanie Says:

    Ugh, I completely agree about both these girls being unfit for the positions they are being handed. I would much rather watch a show around Emily Weiss, the intelligent and qualified NY intern. I lost faith in Whitney a while back, after I heard her commentary on Emily…watch this

  5. yeti9000 Says:

    OK, I know she’s kinda lame…but Whitney is, hands down, the hottest chick on that show. So, for that, I give her some major leeway… 🙂

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