Bad News Blair Channels Audrey, again.

Bad News Blair

Oh Blair! Oh Audrey! If you already didn’t know, I am a Gossip Girl devotee and Blair Waldorf is a gift to television. When pictures surfaced on of new GG it is an understatement to say I was enthralled. My first thoughts were – that is so Jackie O. – then I realized my fashion history and recanted with – oh Audrey! If you’ve seen the episode Bad News Blair (one of my favorites), you know how much Blair loves Audrey. Though this outfit could be considered part Alice in Wonderland, part Little Edie, and part babooshka, I definitely see where they were going.

I once decided to wear a scarf with brooch on my head like Little Edie Beale, and the response was certainly mixed. My boyfriend said it made me look ill, which to his credit was spot on. But these days I’ve learned the classic ways to wear a head scarf and not look insane. While scouring for photos of Jackie, then Audrey, I came across this lovely First Lady Scarf inspired by Mrs. Kennedy. This homage is quite chic featuring drawings of pearls, sunglasses, and how can we ever forget – the pill box hat.


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5 Responses to “Bad News Blair Channels Audrey, again.”

  1. martine Says:

    i wish i had cable.

  2. fashionintelligentsia Says:

    Martine – Gossip Girl is on the CW – or watch it online at
    the show is terribly fabulous!

  3. erika Says:

    I think they have done a rather well job in linking Blair to her obsession with Audrey Hepburn. It very much so follows her thoughts in the books.

    Bad News Blair is my favorite episode thus far as well. ♥

  4. Genesiswt Says:

    thank you, dude

  5. yeti9000 Says:

    Only watched GG once or twice, but the thing that drove me and Christine INSANE is how totally young the parents on the show are…I mean, come on!

    If you ask me, there hasn’t been an authentic, age-appropriate portrayal of TV parents onscreen since Jim and CIndy Walsh left the airwaves…

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